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and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail talking to voters listen 24 hours after the first presidential debate. >> last night, mitt romney was energetic and on the offensive. meanwhile president obama seemed subdued and played defensive. republican mitt romney may have secured exactly what he needed out of his first presidential debate, a fresh look for undecided voters. >> he laid out the very clear choice and a big choice. that is what this election is about. >> the candidates sparred on the tough issues, taxes, job growth and medicare. >> i would rather have a private plan. i just as soon not have the government, what kind of health care i get. >> every study has shown that medicare has lowered the administrative cost then private interest as, which is why seniors are pretty happy with it. and private insurers have it -- have to make a profit. >> even president obama had to a myth that he did well. the debate was one of the most -- had to admit that romney did well. the debate was one of the most substantive. >> will we hold the governor accountable for his fraudulent po
or emt's have been laid off. in our big story -- in less than 12 hours, mitt romney gets his chance to face president obama. he says the economy is getting worse and present obama will face mitt romney whether he has written off 47% of america. we go to washington with more. >> good afternoon, there is a lot at stake for both these candidates and they know it. one side is trying to be more aggressive than the other is trying to keep his cool. they will have 6-50 minute blocks of questions about domestic issues. republicans say the bar is high for the president, a skilled debater and think that mitt romney's aggressive style may throw the president off. >> he has the facts and he is tenacious and that is the difference between four years ago and this time. >> the democrats say he has to be specific. >> americans are looking for details and i think he will seek president obama continue to do that. >> president obama is three points ahead with likely voters with mitt romney gaining ground. >> those voters are likely to be hispanic and ages 29 or so. as a consequence of this being sligh
romney in the second matchup of the election season. hallie jackson has is at stake in this "commitment 2012" report. >> tonight's presidential debate will be different than any we have seen it this year, as candidates take questions directly from voters. the first lady shared some news in ohio. she is already -- has already sent in her ballot. >> we are want vote closer to reelecting my husband. >> in an election where as many as 1/3 of voters cast ballots well before november 6, time is running out for the candidates to woo supporters. tonight's debate is a key chance to meet millions of people. >> i loved the fact that i think a 70 million americans got a chance to see my husband unfiltered. >> mitt romney is working with the debate partner ohio senator rob portman on style. >> in their practice sessions, romney spent less time practicing what he is going to say and more time focus on how he is going to say at. >> he will have a very steady to very good performance but president is more of a question. >> it is very important for obama not to sit back and act disengage and demure to m
have gone to republican mitt romney, but president barack obama is looking to change the outcome in the second matchup. the two candidates prepared to debate tomorrow in new york. we have the latest in this commitment 2012 report. >> both candidates are taking a break from the campaign trail today, holing up to get ready for the second showdown. mitt romney is up near boston. president obama, further south. president obama stepped off his plane in virginia and stepped right into prep mode to get ready for the debate at hofstra university in new york. >> he will absolutely be able to draw from that energy, from the energy of the public and the crowd. >> and the president's advisers say he will see a difference in demeanor from the last showdown. >> i think you'll see someone who is very passionate about the choice our country faces and putting that choice in front of voters. >> but mitt romney's team out with a new ad highlighting paul ryan's debate performance seems ready for a shift in tone. >> the president can change his style. he cannot change his record and his policies. tha
poll shows that president obama and governor romney are in a dead heat among likely voters. >> that tells you the potential that still exists for the race to be a little unexpected. that is what the campaign is coming down to. each of the candidates are going to their bases. >> the candidates will meet sitting side by side, a much different look than the previous two debates. the first, a more traditional standing debate. the second, a conversation in the round. tonight, the topic is for policy. today the obama campaign released a new ad attacking romney's position. >> president obama ended the iraq war. mitt romney would have left 30,000 troops there and called bringing them home tragic. >> romney is expected to question obama's handling of the violence at the consulate in libya. >> need to assure officials in the u.s. government that they will have proper security. they did not have proper security. >> so on the agenda, iran's nuclear program and israel. both will mention how their policies overseas will the nearly benefit the economy at home. more americans are expressin
and federal waters and have. >> not true, governor romney. >> by how much did you cut them, then? >> we produce more oil -- >> no, how much did you cut licenses on federal waters and federal land? >> both presidential candidates are campaigning today in a race that is sure to stay close adolescence the base -- stay close after last night's debate. yours are calling president obama the winner. danielle leed is in washington. >> president obama had a better performance that mitt romney held his own. president obama was up early heading to y yolo with more flooding in this race after last night's -- heading for iowa with in this race after last night's debate. >> the suggestion that anybody in my team would take politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. >> romney faltered getting corrected by the moderator when he insisted that the president did not initially called the act a terrorist attack. >> as the facts have come out, it does not speak well of how the administration has handled this. >> he accused obama of failing to keep his promises. >> he said he wo
debate, president obama and that romney are making their final pleas to those in swing states. daniel has more from washington. >> after a late night in florida, mitt romney was at the airport early. heading straight for nevada, a swing state that could be leading towards president obama. obama state and florida, also swing state, turning his attention away from last night 'foreign policys debate to hear at,. >> i laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney, i am actually proud to talk about what is in it. >> spoke about the plan and a 20 page booklet just released along with a new tv advertisement. >> read my plan, compared to governor romney's and decide which is better for you. >> the latest from the ad is focusing on last night tiered >> he said america had dictated other nations. america has not dictated other nations. we have it freed other nations. >> romney accused the president of not showing leadership overseas. >> nor in the world is america's influence greater today than it was four years ago. >> obama portrayed mitt romney as inconsistent in the mid
romney closing the gap that existed before last week's debate. >> we had a good week last week, no doubt about it. i think we take it one day at a time. >> today mitt romney will focus on foreign policy. >> obama has been commander in chief for the past four years. >> romney is coming off of a strong debate performance against president obama. >> i asked him with white 23 million americans out of work, he spent the first two years fighting for obama care instead of them. >> he insisted it was not the real obama or his policies that might-- the real romney or his politics that night. >> he did a superb acting job. >> the present pope a little fun at himself at an l.a. concert featuring stars like steve wonder. >> they just performed flawlessly night after night. i cannot always say the same. [laughter] >> now the pressure is on for the vice-presidential candidates to perform as they go head to head later this week. nd ryan based on thursday night in kentucky. and >> thank you. an amber alert issued in colorado. details on the missing child. a move on the massachusetts firm >> covering the
for their first big debate tomorrow night. president obama and mitt romney are running through full dress rehearsals to hone their talking points. meanwhile, romney is hoping to pick up a few votes with an endorsement from football great, john elway. the president has the lead in all nine key battleground states, including ohio, which begins early balloting today. >> mitt romney's task is difficult, because he has to redefine himself as well as redefining the erection. >> the first debate -- redefining the election. >> the first debate is scheduled for tomorrow night. coming up, the holiday sales forecast is out. while retailers -- why retailers expect a profit. >> a lot of rain trekking along the east coast. we will talk about how long it will last. stay tuned for the details. plus, a live look of the beltway. a lot of rain out there. a lot of rain out there. number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of mill
romney is keeping up the pace. traci mitchell has the story. >> that is a nevada welcome. >> hello, florida. >> it is a sprint across the country. >> we love you guys. >> ohio!. >> ohio gloom as large as the place to be. president obama is headed back there later this week. >> if you stand with us and knock on doors with me, make some phone calls with me, we will win montgomery county again. we will win ohio again. >> romney plans to hit ohio hard today, heading there today. if both campaigns are trying to get their supporters out to vote early. >> i want you to make sure to begin voting early. early voting has already started. >> with the race so close in these final days, the candidates are spending big bucks, nearing $1 billion on advertising. >> i will lead you in an open and honest way. i asked for your vote. i would like to be the next president to support this great nation. >> it's an honor to be your president and i'm asking for your votes so together we can keep moving america fort. >> there are still a couple weeks left for campaign ads. that means things could potentiall
to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. >> mitt romney launched a tv ad that the recovery is too slow. even economists seem hesitant, pointing of the the number of new jobs created each month has been decreasing since july. this report a positive sign for a still fragile of economy. one downside to the report, many of the jobs created were part- time jobs, not full-time jobs. >> thank you, daniel. baltimore county police are now investigating a house fire as arson. they say the suspect used an accelerant at separate locations. the home was also burglarized. a 2006 porsche was stolen, including a television -- as well as other items, including a television and a dvd player. $680,000 worth of drugs, a handgun, two vehicles and $118,000 of cash are now in custody of the sheriff's office. authorities manage to intercept drug trafficking and arrest 21 gang members things to wiretap operation. according to the office, the gang known as the world's most dangerous move heroin and cocaine through the baltimore area each week. >> the message we went to send to thos
is in virginia, governor romney is in florida, and they're running mate are exchanging words on the campaign trail. >> you had unfortunately the bullets ran to you. [laughter] >> president obama said he cannot change washington from the inside. isn't that why we elect presdients? >> this weekend the candidate go back to study for their final debate. >> coming up, the boy scouts of america open hundreds of files on suspected or known child abusers. plus, police are in a standoff outside a hotel >> the boy scouts of america opened hundreds of files they kept on a known or suspected child abusers after attorneys fought to make the files public. they decal 1247 cases of the abusers and possible abusers collected between 1965 and 1985. the organization apologized to victims for not doing more but insists it keeps the files from returning tousers the organization. emergency officials say several people were hurt in an accident that involved nine cars. a female bus driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police are still investigating what caused that accident. a man that killed his
christie. surprisingly, he called the president and government efforts outstanding. mitt romney back on the road in florida. he collected some items for storm victims and called it a show of american spirit. many are hoping to hear more about his opinion about the government's reaction to the storm response. he has avoided those questions so far. maryland had lost two days of the early voting schedule, so officials have decided to extend it one more day. the poles remain open until 9:00 tonight. originally, early voting was scheduled to end on thursday, but it has been extended until friday. for a list of early voting sites around the state, go to our website, wbaltv.com. coming up, two brothers know where to be found this afternoon after they were swept away by flood waters. but their mother says was happening at the time of the incident. and this seemed caught by a security camera in new york city. >> two boys are still nowhere to be found in new york city after being swept away by floodwaters. the brothers, aged two and four, were riding in the car with their mother when the water
romney's momentum from last week's debate. >> the white house not addressing the president's performance in november but says this about next week's presidential debate. >> it is not about him or his opponent, not about one party or the other. it is about, what would you do? what will you do when you get into office? >> tonight, the number two men face off. pew research 551% view vice- president joe biden unfavorably, more than writing, and more think ryan will win tonight's debate. >> tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still to come, many cases of overdose of the result of unwanted medications. how you can safely dispose of them in medical alert. >> the skies are clear across the mid-atlantic, but another storm system is approaching. we will talk about how this affects our forecast going into the weekend. a live look outdoors, a beautiful. chilly, 57 downtown. ♪ >> well, a lot less magic riding behind the orioles in wednesday night's game in the bronx. this only happened twice this year. the yankees trailed by 1 heading into the ninth, and that is in the yankees' manager pulled a rod f
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